What the Space Marines is about.

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What the Space Marines is about.

Post by Champion on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:08 pm

The Wolf Pack Chapter was started as a way for players who play to have fun and not troll to get together and share experiences and gaming with one another. Our aim is not to grow large, but to keep a tight nit group of friends together who play multiple games, even on several platforms. Our vision is to eventually start new Chapters, all serving the ideal of the Space Marines (fun gaming, friendship).

The Space Marines will be arranged as follows:

Each chapter is led by 2 individuals. All decisions about Chapter rules and any direction the Chapter may take is up to the 2 individuals. The titles of these 2 will be Force Commander, and Librarian. Both hold equal power over the Chapter. They may select a Chaplain who will serve as an underboss. He will help the FC and L (Force Commander and Librarian) perform their duties, and he will assign Apothecaries (squad leaders). Apothecaries will be responsible for maintaining his squads conduct and ensure smooth gaming for the Chapter. A squad can consist of up to 4 members, excluding the apothecary (thus a squad when full is 5 members). Each Chapter of the Space Marines may have up to 4 squads, so choose your members wisely. You want individuals who are true friends and who play many types of games that you do.

Once a chapter is filled, and at least 2 outstanding and motivated individuals come forth a new chapter may be started, with its own unique name and then these forums will be more generalized towards the Space Marines as a whole.

Once two chapters form, They will elect an Emperor from among themselves and this individual will act as a final decision maker when 2 chapters have any disputes or conflicts. The Emperor once elected is not allowed to join a Chapter and must leave his.

The Chapters themselves are for fun and to maintain some form of order. They should not be taken overly serious and no rifts should occur between 2 chapters (that is the responsibility of the FC and L to ensure).

More will be added as the clan is developed, feel free to give suggestions.

As of now, this clan is not accepting new members yet. We are still in development.
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