Wolf Pack Chapter Application to Join

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Wolf Pack Chapter Application to Join

Post by Champion on Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:56 pm

Please read the following questions and answer them carefully. Your application means a lot to us so the more detailed the better. You must make a new thread, with the title being "Your name application" thus if I was joining, I would make a new thread called "Champions application" and then inside the thread answer the following questions:

What's your true first name?
What name do you use in game?
Who referred you to join and who do you know in the clan?
How old are you (12-13 young teenager; 13-18 teenager; 18-25 young adult; 25-40 adult; 40+ mature adult)?
Where are you from?
What games do you play?
Why do you want to join the Space Marines?
Why do you feel you would be a positive addition to the Space Marines?

Please read the following RULES. Do you agree to always follow them?

Once your application is approved by both Chapter leaders you will become a Space Marine and are a part of the Wolf Pack Chapter.
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